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There are a wide range of cabinet permutations available to you, designed and customized to maximize space in your own kitchen. From corner cabinets to base and wall units, ladder units and open shelving solutions, you can break the monotony of standard cabinets while also making use of even the oddest or most difficult corners. With all these options available, modern cabinetry makes transforming one’s kitchen into their dream vision a much easier feat.

PVC vogue kitchen design

Vogue will complete your dream of a stylish, serene kitchen space. The distinct proportions and open cabinetry create a seamless modern look that invites anyone to cook with ease. From the moment you step into this space, the concealed hood in concrete texture promotes elegance that is never short on sophistication. In addition, Vogue’s expansive area gives you all the room needed to organize any necessary cooking tools and ingredients with efficiency in mind. With Vogue, minimalism doesn’t have to mean boring. Now cooking can be more enjoyable than ever with all the bells and whistles within reach!

For those who appreciate the timeless beauty of classic British design, this collection of in-frame kitchens is sure to please. From the intricate detailing of the craftsmanship to the superior finish, every piece is constructed to exacting standards and exudes a feeling of quality. This line of kitchen furniture combines modern function with a traditional look and feel that brings true warmth and style to any home. With its unique combination of look, durability and practicality, it’s no wonder it has become a popular choice for kitchen remodels across the country.


The kitchen is the heart of the home and having a well-organized space ensures that all your culinary needs are always within reach. With the right tools and features, it can be easy to optimize your storage and get things organizing with ease. Through tailored drawers, it’s now easier than ever to keep track of your cooking essentials – no more rummaging around! The cutlery drawer comes equipped with a tray to fit all utensils so you can easily find what you need, while larger pull out drawers make storing and finding pots and pans a breeze. Get cooking quickly with organized kitchen drawers!


Modern lacquer kitchen design

Lacquered kitchen cabinetry is undeniably popular for many reasons. Its glossy finish looks truly exquisite, providing a level of luxury that simply cannot be matched. The color variations also make lacquered cabinetry incredibly customizable and able to fit perfectly within any style or color theme throughout the kitchen. Not just limited to one shade, clients can choose from thousands of differing hues and tones guaranteed to match their desired aesthetic. Lacquered kitchens are always guaranteed to add a touch of elegance and refinement, maintaining a unique beauty over time and making it easy to see why they have become so popular in today’s kitchens.

This modern industrial kitchen design is sure to turn heads. It stands out with its classic charm combined with a sleek, contemporary look. The combination of lacquered fronts and brushed oak gives this kitchen an artistic touch, blending the rustic feel of yesterday and the innovative style of today into one cohesive whole. This ergonomically designed kitchen has all the convenience necessary for an efficient lifestyle while still keeping the feeling of luxury alive. Whether you are going for something subtle or something bolder, this industrial design is certain to lend itself perfectly to any space.

The industrial aesthetic of this space has been carefully crafted through the selection of specific components. The handle and glass were chosen with intention, emphasizing and enhancing the industrial feel. The sleek angles of the handle, reminiscent of a factory-style switch, echo the textured glass that compliments it, becoming a feature in itself rather than an afterthought. This duo conveys not only the style but also a strong sense of intent that had been carefully considered throughout every aspect of this room’s design.

High Gloss Turkish shiny kitchen design

The latest kitchen design by K&K Interiors is definitely something to behold. It’s modern, spacious and inviting, with a sleekness that can’t be matched. But what makes it truly special is the material it’s made from – a type of wood-like material commonly used in Turkey for kitchen designs. This particular material is not only beautiful but also incredibly durable and long lasting, meaning your kitchen will maintain its luxurious shine for many years to come. This modern and latest K&K Interiors Kitchen Design can be your home’s ultimate statement piece.

This unique kitchen design shines out among the rest due to its modern and sophisticated look. The handles are made of strong metal, giving the whole kitchen an industrial style feel. The acrylic surface gives off a glossy and smooth finish which adds to the luxurious aesthetic. To further set it apart from other designs, there’s a metallic cross sectioning design detail that stands out. Its combination of modern textures and stylish details make it attractive and eye-catching for any home.

Milano Kitchen Design

K&K Interiors is proud to present a stunning modern kitchen design that is especially beloved by apartment dwellers in Turkey. Boasting sleek minimalism, this model features innovative storage solutions and maximizes counter space for unprecedented efficiency. With a timeless color palette, this kitchen design lends an air of sophistication and tranquility to any space. Whether you’re looking for an accent piece or the full kitchen experience, this beautiful modern design from K&K Interiors is sure to please even the most discerning of tastes.

The modern design of this Kitchen is unparalleled and truly eye catching. The use of Membrane as the material for the kitchen allows it to come in various colors and textures that make fitting each Kitchen perfectly a breeze. The combination of lids in the cabinets and side surfaces make this design particularly unique, giving it an extra touch of detail and class. Every inch has been thoughtfully designed to maximize efficiency while remaining visually appealing. With this Modern Kitchen Design, you can have the best of both form and function.

VETRO Kitchen Design

When it comes to modern kitchen design, VETRO from K&K Interiors is the latest trend. This kitchen design is comfortable to use and aesthetically pleasing. Its sleek lines and minimalist look create a chic vibe that’s perfect for today’s contemporary home. The combination of wood, marble, steel and stone creates an inviting atmosphere while still feeling open and airy. Also, the extensive storage options mean everything you need is within reach. What makes this design truly unique though is how it fits right into the culture and lifestyle of Turkey. With its Euro-Mediterranean style and flavor, this kitchen reflects the energy of the country while also being practical enough for daily use. It’s no surprise then that VETRO is one of the most popular kitchens in Turkey.

The material of Vetro Kitchen Design is TGoHPML, one of the most sophisticated and high-quality materials on the market. Luxury and opulence come to mind when describing this material. Its tempered glass exterior gives it a sheen that adds a certain touch of elegance any kitchen can benefit from. This material is one of the most expensive available in Turkey. With its contemporary classic look and extra protection to ensure a long lifespan, it is no wonder why this elite material is highly sought after by furniture buyers all over the world.

Swiss Ligna Gloss (SLG) kitchen design

Swiss Ligna Gloss (SLG) kitchen design add a contemporary style that is both luxurious and eye-catching. Featuring sleek lines and smooth finishes, this modern design aesthetic will add a high-end look to any home. With SLG’s signature style of sophisticated elegance, you get the perfect balance of form and function in your kitchen. From bold cabinet fronts to unique lighting fixtures, this design approach provides an ultramodern vibe while still maintaining a timeless appeal. By seamlessly blending the best of traditional and contemporary styles, SLG enables you to create the ideal cooking space that reflects your style and taste. With SLG kitchens you can be sure that each detail fulfills its ultimate purpose – beauty and quality from top to bottom.

Swiss Ligna Gloss is the perfect choice for any project that needs an extra touch of luxury. The finish is highly polished and smooth, creating a luxurious look that instantly elevates the appearance. Whether you need to revamp a piece of furniture or protect a wooden exterior, SLG makes it both simple and stylish. This specialized gloss paint offers unbeatable protection against chipping and fading, which ensures the projects lifespan for years to come. With its vibrant color choices and unparalleled sheen, Swiss Ligna Gloss brings style and sophistication to any job. Investing in this one-of-a-kind coating promises a rich, immaculate result with added durability and shine – perfect for giving your designs an exquisite finish!

Our SLG – MDF Panels are renowned for their high-end gloss protection, featuring 300 microns of anti-scratch protection for extra shine and durability. This glossy finish requires a surprisingly low maintenance cost, making these panels an ideal choice for a variety of applications. Furthermore, since these panels resist scratches, they retain their attractive original look without requiring frequent repainting or retouching. With the level of prestige and shine that our SLG – MDF Panels provide, they will be sure to make any space look great!

We offer amazing kitchen surface protection, with 1mm Polyethylene Foam Protectors providing extra safety. This means that while in the daily hustle and bustle of life, the kitchen can be shielded from wear and tear longer than other equivalent surfaces; its usability is enhanced and improved because of this feature. With an SLG panel, you can have a perfect kitchen for years to come – safe from damage for years thanks to this foam protector surfaced top layer. When shopping for countertops and panels, it’s worth considering if the surface offers this kind of protection – because ultimately its durability will let you save more time and money in the long run.